Gleneagles Central Australia Camp 2001

Quotes PAGE

"Torquay, isn't that in Japan?" - Lyndal

"There can't be any seagulls, there isn't any sea!" - Elise

"The dark bits came from the meteorite" - Jeff 
"They came from outer space"
- Karl

"Goodbye is banned from Primary School" - Lauren 
"But where not in Primary School so goodbye!"
- James

"Can I go and get some sphincter?" - Kieran (he meant spinifex)

"Oh my God it's a hair, but that's O.K. it's attached to my head!" - Belinda

"Does your dog lick you?" - Alexia

"The fire is hot" - Belinda

"All of my fat goes to my elbows" - Belinda

"This is easy!" - Robert (then burns himself)

"I want you Karl!" - Alexia
"Come and get me" - Karl
"Eeeuuuuuwww!" - Everybody

"Look at the cows" - Alexia (pointing at rocks)

"Why isn't grass the same colour, it s**ts me!" - Belinda

"Did you say S-mint or s**t?" - Brad
"Depends whether your speaking from your mouth or ass! - James

"Haven't you seen a shooting star before?"
"No I don't look at the sky every night"
- Elise

"It's comforting to know it's there even if can't use it" - B2 (the 50c toilet in Alice Plaza)

"Why don't you just put the lid down?" - B2 (to a couple of girls putting toilet paper on seat)

"Are you sitting behind me?" - Anita to B2 (sitting behind her)
"No" - B2

"She told me that in plain, broken English" - Adrian about Meliza

"Shut up Alexia! - Everyone

"I'm writing that one down!" - Alexia