1.0 All contents and images are COPYRIGHT, Steve Beard (C) 2001.
Artist gives his permission for you to download the images for viewing.

1.1 Unless specified not to, my pictures may be used for personal Nonprofit Noncommercial purposes.

1.2 Do not remove my (C), signature name or web address.

1.3 DO NOT reproduce the images in anyway onto T-shirts or merchandise. May only be printed onto paper no larger than A4 size. (Refer to line 1.1)

1.4 For what ever reason you use my images, don't claim you created them, so be careful how you write your disclaimer and copyright.

1.5 Don't edit or alter the image, any text I have on the image must be readable (refer to line 1.2).

1.6 A link must be added back to my site either as a text link containing my name: Steve Beard. Or my website name: SB Designs. Or you may use my banner. Place them at a reasonable location on your site.


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All contents and images are COPYRIGHT, SB Designs. (C) Steve Beard, 2001.