Gleneagles Central Australia Tour 2000

Quote Zone

Michelle T. 'What time are we crossing the border?

Stacy W. (in Marla, close to the N.T. border) 'Hey Mr. Beard, you should have brought your surfboard and we could go surfing now!

Michelle G & Lauren Y 'Are we in Central Australia or still in S.A.?'

David H (Also in Marla) 'These Dim Sims taste crap in N.S.W!

Mr V. 'I saw it whan I was asleep'

Bree (in front of the fire) 'Something's burning'

Karlene (2 mins later) 'So what was burning?'

Michelle T 'My hairs going to dry wet!'

Rebecca 'The shower was so slippery, I broke my neck'

Mark 'Just because I wear a bra, doesn't mean I'm a cross dresser'

Michelle G 'On camp, every time I see Mrs Singh, I still keep covering my earings'

Karlene (work this one out) 'The fire's going to catch fire'

Stacey W (perhaps taken out of context) 'Rebecca's foot is up my bum and I have two people on top of me'

Chrystal 'How do you wake up?'

Michelle T (when Kylie's alarm went off) 'Those lucky (people) getting phone calls this early'

Chris (bus driver) 'We are staying there Friday and Saturday night, which is one after another, so it works in good.'

Katie B 'How do they mow the lawn here?'

Mr V 'Don't go in groups of one'

Nicole (after taking her mattress out of her tent to sit on) 'Where's my matress?'

Chrystal 'Do we have to put our tents inside?'

Stacey W 'I can't walk there, I've got no feet'

Mr Beard (at 5.30 am to Luke) 'Why isn't everyone up? It's 7.30am!' To which Luke responded 'that's because it's 5.30' So Mr Beard said ' Oh Fruit'

Karlee (Referring to the bus) 'Where's the boat?'

Lauren Y (on the t-shirts) 'Do we write our own name?'

Cassandra 'Are those mountains natural?' (Mrs Singh's best student)

Paul G (tissues?) 'I like the smell of wet ones'

Lauren Y 'It looks like it smells'

Mrs Singh (At the Ross River Camp Site, while crossing the river.) 'I wonder what river this is?'

Kate O'D 'Where's the outside of our tent?'

Jarrod O'C (looking at a postcard of Ayres Rock) 'Don't call me stupid, but is this Ayres Rock?'

Michelle T 'If I die, my boyfriend will kill me!'
'My heads rushing to my brain!'

Chrystal 'Take your time but hurry up!'
'Can we take the camel ride on the beach?'

Mr Beard (Repeatedly) 'Man is not a camel after all'

Bree 'Don't eat with your mouth full'

Jasmine (on top of Ayres Rock) 'I can see the sea from here!'

Sarah (In the shadow of Ayres Rock) 'Is that Ayres Rock?'

Mr Beard, Mr V & Chris (Repeatedly) 'Hows the serenity?'

Mr Beard (on the plane) 'Those people down there look like ants…oh, we haven't taken off yet.'

Luke M (on top of Ayres Rock, on the phone) 'Hey Mum, go outside and wave…I can see you from here!'

Mr Beard (a joke) 'A man rides his bike up to the milkbar and asks for a big M. The shopkeeper says 'Chocolate or Strawberry?' So the man says 'No it's alright mate, I've got my bike outside.' ??

Donna 'This cold water is boiling'

Luke M (about how long 7-11 is open till) '24 hours, 12 days a week'

Mr Beard (Repeatedly) 'It's a beautiful thing'
'The border into SA should just say '6 more hours till Victoria'

Brendan (with the best and last quote on camp) 'Too many Freaks, not enough circuses!'

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