Gleneagles Central Australia Camp 2001

Trivia Page

1. Name 2 of the Camels we rode at Stuart's Well? - Mona, Shammy, Jedda, Mercury

2. Which teacher snores the loudest? - Big Mr. Beard

3. What was the reptile man's name? - Rex

4. Name two snakes that he showed us? - Red Belly Black, Olive Python

5. What colour was the Boy's hair dye? - Sheer Blonde

6. What colour was the Girls hair dye? - Mulberry

7. How old is Chris the coach driver? - 27

8. What is the name of the mountain range around Alice Springs? - Macdonnell

9. Standley Chasm is named after a woman with which occupation? - Teacher

10. How long was the Flying Doctor video that you could purchase? - 45 mins

11. How adult passengers can the bus hold? - 53

12. How much does it cost to go to the toilet in the Alice Plaza? - 50c

13. Why are fire crackers legal in N.T. on July 1st? - Territory Day

14. How long did it take to travel from Gleneagles to Coober Pedy? - 22 hours

15. What animal can be seen in the stars at this time of year? - Emu

16. What animal is on the badge on the bus driver's visor? - Y2K Bug

17. When bitten by a snake what should you do to increase your chances of survival? - Bandage

18. Which boy sneaked into a girls tent? - ???

19. Where did Chris and Darren really sleep in Alice Springs? - Motel

20. What is the name of the oasis at the bottom of Kings Canyon? - Garden of Eden

21. How does the sleepy lizard confuse it's predators? - It looks like 2 lizards

22. What was the temperature at the start of the Kings Canyon walk? - 7 degrees

23. What was the man looking for when he fell in the King Canyon waterhole? - Lens cap off camera

24. Which bird-of-prey broke the emu egg with a rock? - buzzard

25. What colour was the jumper that Leilani left at Alice Springs? - Red

26. Where was Trent's "stolen" mobile phone? - In his bag

27. Who is the loudest passenger Chris has ever traveled with? - Alexia

28. What was the first video we watched on the bus? - The Spy Who Shagged Me

29. At which campsites did mobile phones work? - Alice Springs, Yulara/Ayers Rock, Coober Pedy

30. Who was voted out of Big Brother this week? - Gemma

31. How much did the Bulldogs lose by this week? - 64 pts

32. Whose tent was pushed over by students from another school? - Talia, Yvonne

33. Name one other school that camped at Kings Creek Station? - Aquinas, Maffra, Bendigo

34. Who is the female actor in 'Disturbing Behaviour'? - Katie Holmes

35. In 'Disturbing Behavior', what did the rat-hating janitor yell as he drove off the cliff? - Hey teachers, leave those kids alone!

36. For how many hours did Bonnie go without a cigarette on Saturday/Sunday? - 46 hours

37. Who got attacked by a tree in Simpson's Gap? - Talia

38. What did Jordan use to toast his marshmallows? - Fork on a stick

39. Who was the Reverand John Flynn? - Founder of Flying Doctors (RFDS)

40. Who works at Baker's Delight? - Lauren Grubb

41. Who has the biggest luggage bag? - John

42. Who broke the Vortex at the bush camp? - ???

43. Where is Darren's home town? - Shepparton

44. Where can you score drugs in Adelaide? - McDonalds

45. What was 'Uncle's real name? - Ian

46. Who was the first student to get out of bed on the first night at Yulara? - Brad Kelleher

47. At what time? - 11:30PM

48. What is the population of Alice Springs? - 28,000

49. In Dreamline legend, what animal made the MacDonnell Ranges? - Caterpillar

50. Who is the most famous aboriginal artist in this area? - Albert Namatjira

51. How old do you need to be to buy fireworks in the N.T.? - 16

52. What was the bus driver 'Aces's real name? - Stan

53. What did we have for dinner the first night in Alice Springs? - Fish and Salad

54. Which capital city is the biggest dump in Oz? - Adelaide

55. What is the Mt. Conner supposed to look like? - Toothbrush

56. What is the name of the lookout in Alice Springs? - Anzac Hill

57. How many girls on the camp like James? - 4

58. Who discovered Kings Canyon? - Ernest Giles

59. What do you do to make the time go quicker on the bus? - Watch a video

60. What is the real purpose of those little huts with solar panels on the side of the road? - Relay optic fibre signals

61. What colour is Alexia's bra? - Pink with purple braiding

62. Who is the best camp cook? - Darren

63. What does this mean in English: Die lehier auf dieser klassen farht sind die besten in der gauzen welt? - Who is the best teacher in the whole world

64. What do we need to remind Bonnie to do? - Get her phone and charger

65. How much does a large bottle of water cost at Curtin Springs? - $3.50

66. How are the toilets labeled in Curtin Springs? - Blokes and Sheilas

67. Which students celebrated their birthdays on camp? - Sumudu and Courtney

68. Why is it called the 'Red Centre'? - Red dust

69. Why don't teachers do Duty Group? - They're always on duty

70. How do you get a camel to sit down? - Say HOOSH

71. What is 'girl-dog's favourite flavour? - Alexia

72. Ayer's Rock was named after whom? - Sir Ayer

73. Which students ate witchetty grubs? - Jeff, Alexia

74. What foreign object is down the toilet at Mt. Conner? - Torch

75. What rhymes with 'loose rocks'? - ???

76. Who knocked over the rock-pile at the top of Mt. Conner? - Luke

77. What property is Mt. Conner on? - Curtin Springs

78. What does 'Kata Tjuta' mean? - Many heads

79. What does monolith translate into? - one rock

80. Name one of the peaks of the Olgas? - Mt. Olga, Liru, Ghee, Walpa

81. Who was looking for sphincter? - Kieran

82. How much does Uncle smoke? - 2 packs a day

83. How many times did we pass through Erldunda? - 3

84. Which Australian animal was painted on the side of the helicopter that flew over Uluru? - Frill Necked Lizard

85. What sticker is on the TV's speaker in the bus? - No smoking

86. What was the name of Alexia's American friend? - Josh

87. What was the Nutty Professor's name? - Sherman Klump

88. What is the maximum speed limit in the N.T.? - There is no limit

89. What is the name of the opal mine that we visited and stayed in? - Umoona

90. Whose tent was always furthest from the teachers? - Bonnie and Jessica's

91. What happened to Uncle's ear? - Chemicals in Vietnam

92. What was for tea on Wednesday- Chicken or veal schnitzel? - Chicken

93. What name is on the side of our bus? - OHLIN

94. What 3 things were in the tree near the dining area just before we left Coober Pedy? - Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Jeans

95. Who thought Torquay was in Japan? - Lyndal

96. What is Coober Pedy's annual rainfall? - 100ml (4")

97. Looking for Opals is called? - Noodling

98. What does Coober Pedy mean? - White men in a hole

99. Who pushed Steven into the pool at Yulara? - Cassie

100. What is Beta Caradine and what does it do? - Algae, turns salt pans/lakes pink