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A Tribute to the Movie:
Deuce Bigalow-Male Gigolo

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

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Hi, I'm Deuce Bigalow
Movie Synopsis
He's not very good looking, but when the lights go out....he's still not very good looking!
Deuce Bigalow-Male Gigolo, starring Rob Schneider (from Saturday Night Live), is the story of a poor fish tank cleaner who lucks out by house (and fish) sitting for a high-priced gigolo! Deuce accidentally trashes the home and fears for his safety upon Antoine's return. After answering a call from one of the owner's clients, he makes a cool $10 and doesn't look back. T.J. Hicks, who considers himself a male madam, is Deuce's pimp, and organises for him to pleasure women "that would sicken normal men". His clients include the obese, narcoleptic, amputated, Tourette Syndromal, and just plain tall. Hot on his trail is the tough vice-squad detective, Fowler, who hopes to put an end to his man-whoring ways. In the midst of this Deuce manages to break the golden rules of T.J's Man-Stable: "Don't fall in Love!", and then has to prove his innocence in court.

Can I ask you to stop that please?
Movie Reviews
This 1999 release has rapidly become a cult-classic, due mostly to the over-the-top, yet extremely strong characters present. The laughs, which sometimes are derived from toilet humour, come fast and furious. See if you can control your bladder during Deuce's butt-waxing session, or Ruth's Tourette vulgarities (VULVA)! My Rating 4.5/5, A MUST-SEE!

Reviewer: Steve B

Deuce is the funniest movie of all-time!
It's greatest strength is Deuce's sense of morality, in treating each girl with respect, whilst still pulling major laughs at the same time. I have now watched it more than 20 times.

Reviewer: Alex C

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What the hell are you doing?
Movie Credits

Character   Actor
Deuce Bigalow - Rob Schneider
T.J. Hicks - Eddie Griffin
Kate - Arija Bareikis
Detective Chuck Fowler - William Forsythe
Antoine Laconte - Oded Fehr
Claire - Gail O'Grady
Bob Bigalow - Richard Riehle
Jabba Lady - Chi Chi La Rue
Elaine Fowler - Jacqueline Obradors
Ruth - Amy Poehler
Bergita - Dina Platias
Tina - Torsten Voges
Allison - Bree Turner
Carol - Deborah Lemen
Neil - Andrew Schaifer

He charges $10, but he's willing to negotiate!

That's good babinka!
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My God, I'm looking at a dead man!
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